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Welcome to California Talk English Center!

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California, a state on the west coast of the U.S., is famous for its natural beauty, the amazing weather, and friendly, talkative people.

Our English school captures the welcoming social attitude of California and brings it to students from all over the world, creating a relaxed and meaningful learning environment. This comfortable, natural approach to communication and language learning helps our students improve their English quickly, accurately, and fluently.

Our mission is to empower our students to reach their own personal goals with the English language. By taking the stress and frustration out of the classroom, we create fun and useful English experiences that improve the confidence of our students. We don’t just teach new skills, we help our students remember what they learn and use their new abilities to be better connected to the world.

Our professional and experienced teachers create lessons that are comfortable and productive. They make their lessons easy to understand but challenging enough to continuously improve our students’ speaking abilities and increase their skill levels.

Whether you’re a student in one of our in-class programs, our online courses, our in-home private lessons, or our group workshops, you will be completely satisfied knowing that you’re receiving the most professional and beneficial English education possible.

If you have ever considered learning a new language or if you ever wanted to improve your English abilities, now is the perfect time to start and California Talk English Center is the absolute best place for you to study. If you have any questions for us, or just want to say hi, please send us a message any time. We’re always ready to offer you a warm California welcome.  Feel the difference in our English school and let us teach you the English that will give you a happier, more successful future.


About the school:

California Talk English Center was made by teachers who are passionate about English communication and learning. Our director of education, Justin Simon, was born and raised in San Diego and worked with international students for over 15 years. Our team of directors fell in love with California while working and studying with the international student community in San Diego. They wanted to bring the fun and passion that the people experienced while studying abroad and share it with the rest of the world. The goal was to provide the most professional and educational English experience possible with classes that are relaxed, meaningful, and fun! To begin sharing that friendly west coast English vibe with the world, California Talk English Center opened its first campus in Asumigaoka, Chiba city, Japan. We appreciate all of the students that trust us with their education and we are proud to be part of their journey toward mastering the English language and perfecting their intercultural communication skills.



California Talk Online English Courses

California Talk English center now offers online English programs. No matter where you are in the world, CA Talk can bring you entertaining and educational English lessons. We want to share our passion and enthusiasm for English with students in every country, and online classes are the perfect way to achieve this. Our online English programs are comfortable, professional, affordable, and all done from the privacy and convenience of your own home. Or if you’re too busy, these online classes are also great for students that have full schedules and need mobile English classes on the go!

If you’re interested in taking classes through our California Talk Online English program, please email us at

If you are passionate about teaching English to international students online, CA Talk is the perfect place for you. We are currently looking for skilled and experienced online instructors for our online English program. If you would like to teach with us, please click the link below to begin the application process.  ⇒Job application form




Coming soon – California Talk English Studio Classes!

In fall 2018, California Talk English Center will be opening a studio next to its Chiba, Japan campus. Our new studio will feature a variety of workshops with possible focuses like:

  • Art

  • Dance

  • Exercise / Fitness

  • Health and wellness

  • Yoga

  • Acting / Role play

  • Singing

  • Music

  • Sports

  • Martial arts

  • Crafts

  • Presentations / Public speaking

  • Debate

  • Kids classes

  • Etc.


All classes will be instructed in English. This kinesthetic approach to learning English will engage students as they actively learn to use the language while enjoying new healthy and fun activities. We will get students out of the text book, away from the classroom, and into an exciting interactive English environment.

If you have a skill that you are passionate about and would like to teach workshops at our CA Talk Japan studio, please contact us.


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